Meet your Maker

While receiving my Bachelor's in Mechanical Engineering from Swamp School, (Go Gators) I became fascinated with collecting knives of all shapes and sizes. My collection grew and grew and the addiction became totally unsustainable so here I am writing to you from my cardboard box with WiFi. Kidding. But this craze sparked a desire to create knives and tools of my own design. Towards the Spring/Summer of 2015, the Wise Guy was born. It sucked, the lasered edges were more likely to perforate skin than open bottles, but I got them coated and people bought them anyway. Huge thanks to my initial supporters! I then improved upon the design a few times until we have the Wise Guy as you know it today!

In between then and now, I also pursued a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and am now working on my PhD in EXPLOSIVES ENGINEERING!? That's a thing, apparently. While I'm not studying, I tinker with 3D Printers and CNC Routers, break motorcycles, and I'm trying to get into competitive shooting. I love to travel the world with my girlfriend and our doggo. I also serve on the board of a Men's ministry! But enough about me, go look at all the cool stuff!